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Too Hot, Too Cold and Just Right.


From help for sensitive teeth to finding the right toothbrush, Meyer & Johns is here to offer simple, inexpensive steps you can take to improve your comfort and overall dental health.

Do you sometimes wince while trying to enjoy a bowl of ice cream or a cup of coffee? You’re not alone. At some point, most people will experience some sort of tooth sensitivity, usually from extreme temperatures.

Tooth sensitivity is the result of exposed dentin, which is the layer surrounding a tooth’s nerve. Acidic foods, brushing too hard, clenching and grinding teeth or even heredity can cause exposed dentin.

Are your teeth sensitive?

If you’re experiencing pain from sensitive teeth, but it is not severe, it is most likely common sensitivity and not a serious issue. If the pain is localized, or specific to one tooth or area, that is something you should have checked out.

Teeth whitening and sensitivity.

Bleaching your teeth can cause sensitivity; however, the sensitivity usually only lasts a couple of days. If bleaching is causing sensitivity, try reducing the bleaching time.

Try a new toothpaste.

If you’re experiencing mild sensitivity, try using Sensodyne or another sensitivity toothpaste. The key to reducing or eliminating sensitivity is to continue using sensitive toothpaste rather than alternating with regular toothpaste.

Meyer & Johns’ recommendations.

If you are concerned about your sensitive teeth, or in pain, please schedule an appointment. While most sensitivity is not a serious issue, there is no reason to be in pain! A cavity or exposed gums could be what’s causing the sensitivity—so don’t ignore it.

If you’re going to try a sensitive toothpaste, maybe you’ll want a new toothbrush as well. There is no shortage of choices available; and in fact, you could stand in front of the toothbrush display for sometime wondering which one is just right.

Hard? Medium? Soft? Manual? Electric? Musical? What’s best?

At Meyer & Johns, we say the best toothbrush is the one you will use. Some like manual, others are sold on electric. You can spend $1 or $100 for a toothbrush, but what is really important is using it twice a day. Choose soft bristles—hard bristles can injure gums and cause more harm than good. Once you’ve picked your favorite toothbrush (we like Gum and Oral B toothbrushes), brush for two minutes in a continual, circular and soft motion. Scrubbing is good on stains, but not your teeth! Be gentle and thorough, covering all the surfaces of your teeth. Then, don’t forget to floss!

So if you’re having issues with sensitive teeth, or it’s time for a check up and cleaning, give us a call. We’ll even give you a new toothbrush.