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How to take the Perfect “Selfie”

selfie smile
The key to a perfect Selfie? Your smile!

You’ve seen kids taking them on the street, in movies theaters, by themselves and in groups. Maybe you’ve even taken a few of your own. We’re talking about a Selfie — a self-taken picture where the subject and photographer are the same person. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are full of them. In fact, sociology experts predict that Millennials and Generation Z (those people born after 2000) will take an average of 25,000 Selfies during their lifetime.

And many of them will be awful pictures. From heavy shadows to unfocused faces, blurry movement or heads out-of-frame, there are 101 ways to take a bad Selfie. However, Meyer & Johns Dental wants to share few tricks to make sure you put your best face forward while taking a photo of it.

Tips for Selfie-takers

  •  Keep the camera slightly higher than your line of vision
  •  Look either directly at the camera lens or deliberately away from it
  •  Dip your chin slightly and look up— don’t raise your eyebrows to avoid forehead lines
  •  Natural light is best— aim for the “golden hours” of sunrise or sunset
  •  Choose an interesting background— stay away from blank walls, and mirrors or
    windows can cause unwanted reflections.
  •  Face your light source— Avoid direct side lighting, which can cast harsh shadows
    on your face
  •  Tap the image of your face on the phone screen before taking— most phones will use
    that point to automatically adjust focus, depth and exposure.
  •  SMILE!

Of course, everyone knows how to do this last one. But if you feel like your smile isn’t ready for a close-up, Meyer & Johns Dental can help. From teeth whitening, to same-day crowns, to porcelain veneers, we have the right choice to make sure your smile looks great– both in-person and at arms-length!

To discuss cosmetic options for your teeth, contact us or talk to Drs. Meyer or Johns at your next regular appointment or contact us to explore the options.


The Changing Face of Fillings

Take a look at new alternatives to traditional metal fillings
New developments in materials and techniques are improving the appearance and performance of dental fillings.

For the vast majority of Americans, tooth decay is a fact of life. A study published in 2015 by the Centers for Disease Control showed that 42 percent of children have at least one cavity (medically known as a dental caries). And it gets worse with age – By the time we reach 65, all but 4 percent of us has experienced a cavity and (hopefully) a filling of the damaged area.


The first recorded filling of teeth occurred in Europe in the early 1800s. 20th-century advancements took the artistry of filling teeth from its infancy to the host of advanced options available to today’s dental patients. From the soft metals in the early days, to the amalgams developed during 1900s, to modern porcelain and composite resin fillings used today, the techniques for repairing tooth loss are continuing to evolve.

Amalgams are the most widely used filling substance world-wide, despite growing concerns over radiant health risks associated with Mercury that many contain. In the U.S., metals have generally lost their luster as a surface material for damaged areas. This is partially due to those Mercury concerns, but also because amalgams darken over time and become more noticeable. The aesthetically-oriented nature of U.S. dentistry is driving numerous research efforts focused on improving the delivery, performance and appearance of fillings.

New Developments

Modern composites are applied to damaged teeth as a fluid substance, and then ‘cured’ to hardness with ultraviolet light. New UV light activators allow a more complete repair of deeper cavities in teeth, and the addition of reinforced silica fibers to acrylic-based composites is reducing the shrinkage of fillers during the curing phase.  Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic composite shows promise for its strength, durability and chemical properties that match the natural coloration of teeth.

Beyond traditional fillings, Meyer & Johns patients have many more choices for repairing damaged teeth, with options that include onlays, crowns and veneers. These options are especially important for filling cavities or damage on highly-visible front teeth. If you think you have a cavity, schedule an appointment today – we’ll find the problem, and offer a solution that will look and feel great!

Happy Holidays!

christmas and snow with cute cartoon tooth with whiten

We’re so glad to have served you in 2016, and we look forward to continuing that service, both for new patients and for old friends, in 2017 and beyond. Whether your teeth need a good whitening, you just need your regular exam to ensure your teeth stay healthy, or you have a dental emergency and need major restoration, we’ll always be here to help.

Thank you for entrusting us with your dental health.

We hope you enjoy seeing family this holiday season—we’re certainly looking forward to spending time with ours. Enjoy a big dinner or two, and even a slice of your favorite pie or some Christmas cookies, but don’t forget to brush your teeth. (And be sure your kids do too!)

 From all of us here at Meyer & Johns Dental: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November is a time to stop and consider what it is that each of us is thankful for, and at Meyer & Johns this week, we’ve been taking stock of just how blessed we are. We wanted to share with you our thankfulness as we begin the holiday season, so we collected thoughts from around the office.

  • Dr. Meyer – Thanksgiving Day is a time to be very thankful for the many things we take for granted in our lives such as freedom, liberty, food on our tables with roofs over our heads, and most importantly for our loved ones.
  • Dr. Johns – I am very thankful for my healthy, sweet children and my wonderful wife. I’m also grateful for the health and safety of my parents and siblings and their families. Last but not least I am very thankful for my great practice and all the team and patients that make it truly great. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Jean – Very thankful for my wonderful family and friends and for good health and the great nation that we live in and a great office to work in.
  • Gabby – I am so thankful for my family, friends, our church and our health.
  • Sara – I am thankful for the love of my family and friends and the two amazing boys that God has blessed me with.
  • Angie – I am thankful for my amazing parents, a loving spouse and my two wonderful kids. I’m also thankful for our good health, my job and two great bosses.
  • Misty – I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends, health and a job with an amazing group of people.
  • Ashley – I am very thankful for my family, friends and good health.
  • Amber – I am thankful for my crazy family, my health and a job I enjoy.

We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!