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Brushing, Educating, Golfing and the Truth about Candy

Dr. Thomas Meyer and Dr. Andrew Johns are dentists that really love what they do, and they are surrounded by a staff that feels the same way.

That workplace enjoyment and camaraderie spreads to Meyer & Johns’ patients.

“I want our patients to realize that we strive to get to know them on a more personal level and hopefully keep them in our practice for a long time. It’s fantastic to see second and third generations of a family,” said Dr. Meyer.

“We truly have each patient’s best interest in mind,” said Dr. Johns. “I love to create a treatment plan and have a discussion with my patient on what is best and how we can fit it in a budget. What’s most important to me is getting patients’ teeth as healthy and beautiful as possible.”

Education is very important to Meyer & Johns. From the continuing education of the doctors and their staff to educating patients on proper dental hygiene, staying informed is a top priority.

The first lesson is a simple one, the hard part is getting some patients to follow through—Brush and floss every day, get regular check ups and limit sweets.

These simple steps go a long way in limiting and preventing dental problems.

“We try our best to give our patients the information and power to understand how to have better hygiene,” said Dr. Johns. “We love it when we see patients start to care more about their teeth by brushing or changing their diets.”

The thing current and future patients should know is that at Meyer & Johns, you’re more than a patient or a set of teeth. At Meyer & Johns Dental, you become part of a team dedicated to taking care of you! This staff loves dentistry and taking care of people.

Of course, no matter how much you love what you do, you have to have some down time. So, if you love golf, be sure to discuss your game with both doctors. But, if you love chewy, sticky candy, sugary drinks or jawbreakers—be prepared for a lesson on sweets. It’s really bad for your teeth, and Dr. Meyer and Dr. Johns care enough to let you know the painful truth!